Developmental Milestone

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Developmental Milestone

ECE332 Child Development

Instructor Dorisa Ramos-Podoba

Cognitive, Social and Emotional development is very crucial in a child's life in the early years. To ensure that social, emotional and education needs are met we need to take important necessary steps. Through out their lives growth and learning is child development. This process starts when they are born and until they die. During child development they go through phrases like physical, social, cognitive and developmental milestones. When Danerro my nephew was born he could not control his body movement. They cannot walk or even control the movements of their hands or their heads. As a result, they remain physically helpless for a prolonged period of time.(Lefrançois, G. R. (2012). Newborns at the beginning can't control their reflexes. I learned they have reflexes that comes automatically like the breathing reflex, the sucking reflex, and the rooting reflex. The vision of Danerro they can see at 20 feet what people with normal vision see at 400 or 600 feet(.Lefrançois, G. R. (2012) Their vision is some what blurry but not clear, they really go by body motion. When they are born they tell who is talking they automatic knows the sound of they mothers voice. When they are 6 months their vision gets better. When Danerro turned about 4 months he started holding his head up and rolling to side to side and on stomach. I would put mat out for him to roll and put toys in front for him to try to reach. At this time his back wasn't that strong but he can turn head from side to side. I would put things in his hands and he will grasp whole to it. I would make sure when it is tummy time I will give toys that hang over him to reach up for. When he turned about 6 months he started sit up and scooting. His sleeping schedule started to be normal, sleeping at night and up during the day. Danerro started to hold his on bottle and gasping for things in front of him. He started making sounds like ma ma or da da. Danerro started crawling and pulling up on things when he was about 9 months. Sits and crawls. Picks up objects with pincer grasp. Looks for fallen objects. Holds bottle. Is visually attentive. He started having interest in books and he was babbling and using different kinds of sounds. When Danerro turned a year old he was scared at first to start walking around the furniture but eventually he started. I would find him standing alone for about couple of minutes. He wouldn't walk alone only when someone was holding hs hand. Now that he is walking he try's to clap his hands and stomp his feet at the same time. He started picking up cereal using his fine motor skills to eat. I started counting with him to five and when I stated he would hum the numbers pointing to the fingers. When he comes over to the house he would go straight to my DVDs and pull them out I would say "no" and he would go the other way. Sometimes he will repeat some words. Social and emotional development starts when parents and caregiver have them and the child starts to trust. They don't know how to communicate so they cry, when they are hungry, sick and scared. Danerro started to recognized family members and people around them. Now he goes to only people he recognized. He doing great in being on schedule as far a development appropriately motor skills.


Child Development Milestone Chart: What To Expect From Birth ...

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Lefrançois, G. R. (2012). Children’s journeys: Exploring early childhood. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
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