Developmental Behavioral

Topics: Reinforcement, Punishment, Behavior Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: August 23, 2013

Developmental Behavioral Approach
Dena Tedesco
Ashworth College
The Exceptional Child

March 20, 2013

Developmental Behavioral Approach
The following concepts are explained by definition and I have provided examples of each as they apply to the developmental behavioral approach. The first one I will discuss is Negative Reinforcement, This is the strengthening of a behavior by the removal of an unpleasant consequence. An example of this might be a toddler having a tantrum every time you take his pacifier away, but then as soon as he gets it back the tantrum stops. So by giving it back to him the behavior was negatively reinforced by the tantrum stopping and us, giving it back to him every time he cries. There are several other concepts that will be discussed next. Intrinsic Reinforcement: Feelings of pleasure and personal satisfaction derived from working on accomplishing a task, discovering something new, or seeing a problem. An example of this is, a child learning to write may get frustrated if they can’t get it down immediately, with a little encouragement and praising the child will continue to try and not give up. Positive Reinforcement: Something that follows a response and results in the increase of that particular response. A pleasant consequence. Examples are, helping a child achieve balance when learning to ride a bike, sitting next to the child when they are working hard on an art project, asking questions, nodding and thumbs up on a good job. Natural and Logical Consequence: Natural consequence would occur without a parent’s or teacher’s intervention. Logical consequence is determined by an adult that is related to the child’s original inappropriate behavior. Examples of these are, a child refusing to take a nap so that they can stay up late to watch their favorite show, consequence is they child falls asleep early and misses their show. Another...
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