Development Through the Life Stages Physical Effects of Ageing

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Development though the life stages
Physical effects on aging
In older age (64+) many things happen on the inside and the outside the body. As you hit older age, you will start to notice that many things will happen on the outside of your body. Your hair may start to go grey or you may start to go bald. The hair goes grey because as you get older your hair loses pigment which is the colouring in your hair. Also your skin may lose elasticity; this means your skin may appear to get wrinkles. Your posture may also start to get worse in older age because your shoulders begin to drop and you may start to hunch forward. This will affect your posture. These things that happen on the outside could also affect you in other aspects of your life. You may start to feel depressed because you feel unattractive about your appearance. This could have an affect on other aspects of your life if you do get depressed because you may become isolated and not want to leave the house. Your social life will suffer if you do not want to go outside because you will not be going out. This will affect your social development because you will not be going out meeting new people and expanding your horizon. You may also become isolated because you feel that people may judge you on how you look on the outside, this may also cause isolation. If you do not go outside you may have a deteration in your health because you will be in the same environment everyday and will not be getting any fresh air. However, in older age you get maturity with age because you have been there done that. This means that you can offer advice to your family. If you are retired you will have more time to socialise with friends that you have made though your life. In older age it is very important that you have good relationships so you know that they are people to look after you later on in your life. It will also raise your self-esteem if you have a good relationship with people that you are close too. As you get older your bones are less dense, you have more of a risk of falling and artrithus. Mobility in older age is very important because it is how you get around. If you have a problem with your mobility, it could have an affect on your social life because you will not be able to get to see your friends and family. It could have an affect on your self confidence if you do not see anyone because you may feel like they do not want to see you. Also you don’t want to feel like a burden on your family by asking them to take you places, this may mean that you become isolated. If you need someone to come out with you so that you can avoid falling and injuring yourself, you may feel childlike and vulnerable. You may also not feel that confidence if you do not have good balance because you may feel like you may fall. However, the more active you stay you are going to be active for longer. For example swimming is a good way to keep fit and some gyms has special classes for the older generation. This is there to keep them mobilised for longer is older age. If they lost their mobility then they would most likely lose their social life because they may not be able to get around as well as they used too. This could lead to them being disempowered because they won’t have their own choice to go anywhere and do anything by themselves. They also don’t want to feel like a burden on their family members because this could make them feel childlike and vulnerable. If you have gone throughout your life doing everything for yourself, you may feel embarrassed about asking people to help you. In some cases you may also feel ashamed. Your confidence will also be affect, this could be because of your mobility. If you do not have the best balance, you may not want to go in case you fall over or injury yourself in anyway. In older age there are also changes to your cardiovascular and respiration systems. As you get older your heart has to work harder to pump the blood around the body. This would mean that...
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