Development Through the Life Stages D1

Topics: DNA, Gene, Biology Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: February 10, 2014
For this part of the assignment I am going to be evaluating how nature and nurture may affect the development of an individual over two life stages. I will be looking at the effects of nature, nurture in relation to the Jim twins, development over their childhood and adulthood. D1

Nature and Nurture Effects on Childhood
Physical Development The Jim twins were identical twins and nature obviously had a big effect on how they looked, both the boys inherited genetics from their parents which determined what they were going too looked like, during their childhood the boys would have looked identical, but they just did not know each other. But one twin in his childhood had a fringe and the other did not, these different hair styles would have been the effect of nurture as he would have been influenced to have his hair that way by seeing others with the same hairstyle or his adoptive parents wanting him to have his hair like that. Nature would have had an effect on the twin’s physical development as the genes they gathered from their biological parents would have determined that during their childhood, they disliked basketball and other sports, this could have been because, both their parents may not of been very sporty, which could of led them to inherit gene which meant they were going to be very athletic/sporty either. On the other hand their dislike of sports could have been brought on by nurture as they could have had bad experiences of playing basketball which mad them dislike it, or they could have been influenced not to like it by other peoples opinions. Intellectual Development Both the boys in school were very good at maths, this could have been because in...
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