Development through the life stages

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-819149-800099 Introduction – Family background James Eugene Carrey is a Canadian American born in Ontario, Canada. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a musician and accountant. He has three older siblings and was raised in a Roman Catholic school. His mother was of French, Irish, and Scottish. His father was of French Canadian origin. When James father lost his job James said “that's when everything fell apart. We went from 'lower middle class' to 'poor'. We were living out of a van. I quit school at age 15 to begin working to help support my family as a janitor. I'd have a baseball bat on my janitor cart because I was so angry I just wanted to beat the heck out of something.” After his family moved to Scarborough, Ontario, he attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School, in North York, for two years, enrolled at Agincourt Collegiate Institute for another year, then briefly attended North view Heights Secondary School. Jim never finished high school because he worked full-time to help his family survive the severe economic hardship, and also helped care for his mother who battled a severe, chronic illness. James Eugene Carrey as the youngest sibling was raised in a nuclear family as his parents were together throughout his childhood. You could also say that he was born into a dysfunctional family; this is because he dropped out of school which lead him to having no education whatsoever and having to stay at home to look after family members with severe illnesses. If I had to relate James Eugene Carrey’s upbringing to a theorist I would think that P1 – Intellectual, Emotional, social and physical development. As a one year old Jim Carrey’s social development would be communicating with others through simple speech and saying a few words such as ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘mummy’ or ‘daddy’. He would enjoy being handled and cuddled by people he is familiar with and would fear strangers. Jim would know gestures such as waving...

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