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Development through the life stages

By workerbee123 Jun 24, 2014 676 Words

I will be explaining the physical and psychological changes which may occur within people as they are ageing. As most people start age their inner and outside bodies start to age and become in some cases stronger but mostly weaker. This would all be linked to the psychological changes being made and how the elderly are able to handle the ageing they go through.

These are the physical changes that are associated with ageing throughout life:

Skin, bones, joints and muscles

When babies are born their skin is thin and starts to get thick, bruises easy and when teenagers, young adults and adults have been through their ageing process their skin is more thicker and its less likely for them to bruise as much as when born/ toddler/child. When older people age their skin starts to get thinner, it’s a lot easier to bruise and cut themselves. As there isn’t as much elastic in their skin no more and this is what causes the wrinkles. The bones are Close and it’s easier for the elderly fracture themselves with a small fall. As the bones become thinner the joints will become stiff if they aren’t very active with exercise and get pains. The muscles in the body start to become weaker because of the amount of exercise they do and their height starts to decrease as ageing as the cartilage that separates the back bone become pressured together.

The senses in the body all start to change as you age some get better and some get worst. The skin becomes more sensitive as the elderly age. Their hearing and vision starts to decrease and isn’t as strong no more and will need glasses and hearing aids if their eyes and ears are really bad. Their taste and smell will change things they use to like may not taste the same after a while.

Are also physical changes inside the body and would include muscles inside the digestive system. This is what causes constipation in the body making it hard let out unwanted foods. Then its harder for the hard to pump the blood properly, this is when the blood pressure increases. Breathing can be raised to its minimum breathing allowance and have an asthma attack.

Hormones and menopause
When it comes to women they go through loads of hormone changes but experience a low change in the oestrogen and the menopause. Women are more affected by this cause than men because of the bone strength. It is affected more by the amount of oestrogen made.

Ageing involves loosing nerve cells in the brain that can leads to dementia. This way the brain is being stopped being able to transmit electrical signals. As the older people age they start to slow down and can’t move around or think as fast as they could when they were younger.

As the elderly are age or anyone in general starts ageing the bones in the body that have been bruised and harmed over the years involve the cartilage cover. The cartilage cover is what protects the ends of the bones so we can move around being comfortable. This is when the cartilage will become thinner and less elastic as we become older in ageing making our body more stiff when moving around.

These are some psychological changes associated with ageing:

Ageism: As you start age going into the older ages you start to get stereotyped as rude, slow, and weak along with struggling to handle themselves.

Role changes: Older people start to minimize the amount of people they socialize with. This is their way of being more antisocial and being able to spend more important time with their families as they no longer work and their social groups have gotten smaller.

Loss of partners: This psychological change is also due to role changes and involves bereavement as the older person starts to minimize all the things they are use to doing. This can cause many things like panic attacks and anxiety.

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