Development Through Life Stages of an Individual

Topics: Need, Middle age, Common cold Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: February 5, 2013
Develop Through the Life Stages: Margaret
She was fed physically by her parents or carers who made choices for them. As she grew she chose her own choice of food. She needed a lot of sleep to keep her awake in the day time and to keep her from being tired when she played. She needed shelter, warmth and security from her parents or responsible adults as she was too young to look after herself. She might have suffered from the common cold, chicken pox, Fever and things like that but nothing serious. She started going nursery and learnt how to write, count and make new friends. She learnt things by miming, playing with toys and with friends, bright colors, cartoons and Educational Programmes. She depended on her parents, and teachers. She liked going school and also did well at school and she also had a happy childhood. Children’s social needs can be met at playgroups and schools as they begin to learn how to share, play and establish friendships. She depended on her parents and teachers. She wouldn’t have liked school on her first day because she was probably nervous and didn’t want to be separated from her parents and family so she might have cried a lot in this situation. As she was young at the time she wouldn’t have liked being shouted at so she automatically started crying. She chose her friends at this point of stage. She was fairly independent and confident. As a child she was most likely unable to communicate through words clearly, so showed her emotions through crying and laughing. As she was too young to believe in what their parents believe. Some young children might be influenced by cultural upbringing or from values that have been taught in the family.

She had food and water to keep her healthy and also had a good amount of sleep. She did a lot of exercise often to keep her fit, strong and healthy. Changed in her hormones had occurred which is known as puberty. She attended high school. She also did her GCSE’s and went on...
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