Development Related Issues in Mumbai

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Development Related Issues In Mumbai
(Life Of People After Redevelopment)


* Chpt 1 : Introduction
* Chpt 2: The Field
* Chpt 3 : The Reality
* Chpt 4 : Personal Perspective

Chapter 1: Introduction
Development,Redevelopment And Mumbai
Abustling, vibrant city that 16 million people call home, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. An old city surrounded on three sides by sea and a beautiful coastline, early Mumbai was developed in the south. Over the years, though, unprecedented growth in the economy of the city has created a massive expansion of land use on the northern side. Today, the city is bursting at the seams owing to the influx of migrants. The result: an overpopulated city with an unbearable load on a crumbling infrastructure and pressure on every available open space. Awkward and incremental planning has only compounded problems. The situation is untenable. And in consonance with guidelines and suggestions of various government policies, judicial comments and expert opinion * Defining development

The legal framework for controlling development in the Region of Mumbai is primarily provided by the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning (MR&TP) Act, 1966. In this Act the “Development” is defined as the carrying out of buildings, engineering, mining or other operations in, or over, or under land or the making of any material change, in any building or land in the use of any building or land and includes demolition of any existing building, structure or erection or part of such building, structure or erection, reclamation, redevelopment and layout and sub-div. * Problems related to development

Despite the statutory land use plan and the host of laws, rules, regulations and policies, the development control system in the Region has remained weak. It has not been able to prevent undesirable development. Even if the phenomenal growth of slums, which is the single largest type of unauthorised construction activity, is not taken into account the unauthorised construction activity in the Region in the past two decades has been alarming. Some of the well-known examples can be seen in the industrial development at Mira-Bhayander, multi-storeyed residential development in Vasai-Virar, Mumbra and Dombivali, construction of shops, workshops and hutment along Thane Belapur Road in Navi Mumbai, and development along highways in this Zone. Some of these developments, particularly, in Mira-Bhayander and Dombivali, have been the subject of special inquiry by the Government. Apart from the unauthorized construction, there have been developments which, though legally authorized, are unplanned, or contrary to the intentions of the Regional Plan. The reasons for this can be traced to a number of factors, such as, inadequacy of DC rules, absence of proper authority to enforce Development Control Rules (DC), lack of monitoring of the development, etc. Redevelopment, which refers to the process of reconstruction of residential/ commercial premises by demolishing the existing structure and constructing a new structure, has emerged as a ray of hope for all developers. Redevelopment is done by utilising the potential of the land, by exploiting additional TDR and FSI as specified under the Development Control Regulations of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM). * Why is redevelopment required?...
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