Development Over Life Span

Topics: Jean Piaget, Psychology, Theory of cognitive development Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: March 26, 2015
APSS111/1A07/222 Introduction to Psychology
14094305d Sit Wai Nam
Development over life span
The first time when I get to approach the knowledge of psychology was reading a book about using psychology to explain things happens around us, things we encounter in the daily life. I was impressed that the book can explain some of my behaviors, for instance, I found that when I lost in the PC game and I would feel angry with my mum; and such a behavior is called “projection” under the Freudian Defense Mechanisms. I became more curious about psychology, so I decided to take this subject. For the first few lectures, I found the topic about development of human life span to be interesting, and I would like to write something about my observation of my three-year-old and five-year-old cousins. According to Bowlby & Ainsworth (1956,1991), attachment is a close, emotional bonds of affection that develop between infants and the caregivers, which can be further classified into four types. After this lecture, I have a little experiment with my two cousins. I went to my cousins’ home with a friend, and tried to separate their mother from them and leave my friend with them alone. The result was that my two-year-old cousin (Tommy) started crying at the very beginning when his mum was leaving and he tried to hold back his mum from leaving. And the five-year-old cousin (Peter) had a totally different response that he did not cry and had no negative feeling towards my friend when his mum left. After the experiment, I found that my two cousins are of the Secure and Avoidant type of attachment respectively. The reason for such a difference may be due to the fact that Peter is older and he has more chance to get in touch with different people when he stayed at the day care center, which affected him to have no specific attachment of close attachment with specific person. But for Tommy, he has relatively more time to stay with his mum because his mum has been a full time housewife...
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