Development of Women's Sports

Topics: Annika Sörenstam, LPGA, National Basketball Association Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: May 7, 2007
Development of Women's Sports Leagues

As the media continues its trend to not properly market women's sports, the public will never be fully aware of what women and their leagues truly have to offer as athletes do to their lack of exposure. Within main stream America sports are widely advertised and widely publicized most of which pertains to men. Most people see women's sports billboards, ads in the newspapers or commercials on television and do not give their undivided attention to it. Some might argue the reason for this is because the product which they are selling is not a good one, while others might say that the people marketing the product are doing a poor job. Either way women do have professional sports leagues with professional athletes in them, a feat that should not go unnoticed for they deserve their due for being the best at what they do among their competition. Among the leagues which these athletes are participating in are: The WNBA, WUSA, Women's Tennis and The LPGA, all of which have unique athletes and are able to offer different things to each audience while each additionally confronts its own problems.

Among the newest women's sports leagues is the WNBA, the Women's National Basketball Association. This specific league faces an uphill battle towards marketing its league and athletes. Basketball is one of the most main stream and influential sports in American society consisting of a large following and strong fan base. However when the topic of women's basketball arises this following seems to diminish due to the fact that the speed of the game is slower, there isn't much dunking and blocks are not nearly as dramatic. All of these reasons are true but those who choose not support a league simply for these reasons are being ignorant for they aren't viewing the sport for what it truly has to offer. Women's basketball, pro or college is one the most fundamentally sound played sports there is, these women move the ball quickly and are...
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