Development of the Reformation after 1521: Edict of Worms

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Protestantism, Martin Luther Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: March 13, 2006
In what ways did Luther influence the development of the Reformation after 1521?

After 1521 Luther began to influence the direction of the Reformation in other ways, primarily due to the Edict of Worms. There are many examples of Luther influencing the Reformation after 1521. Luther continuously preached to the German people, thus influencing them. Luther published pamphlets, therefore spreading his influence on the Reformation throughout Germany. He embarked on a social Reformation in Germany, concentrating particularly on the German family and its obligations. To this extent the Reformation can be seen to clearly develop under Luther after 1521. In the years that followed, Luther concentrated on spreading his beliefs through writings and sermons. The situation after Worms hardly seemed favourable for positive reform. In order to shield Luther against violence, Frederick arranged Luther's ‘kidnapping' and hid him in the castle of Wartburg. Luther, however, grasped the opportunity to begin the work of directly translating the New Testament into German. He finished his work in the autumn of 1522. The completed Luther Bible proved to be a tremendous force to the German people and therefore must be regarded as one of Luther's most valuable contributions to the Reformation. Its significance cannot be underestimated; the Bible is now accessible to all Germans, religion is for everybody. Luther also returned to Wittenberg in 1522. A large crowd gathered to hear him preach. He spoke for eight successive days against any kind of violence, stressing the need of love and patience. Luther recognized that change was necessary but gradually. He even agreed with some of Carlstadt' s changes- the opening of monasteries for example. But could not tolerate some of other activities and writings. He condemned the radical Reformation, Luther expelled Carlstadt from Saxony, and the preaching's of the Zwickau Prophets. He put a stop to iconoclasm, the destruction of altars and...
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