Development of the Plains

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Plains Indians Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: November 27, 2013
How did the railroads develop the Great Plains?
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The railroads developed the Great plains in a lot of ways such as; law + order, work, communication and manifest destiny. Railroads helped develop the Great Plains as they made Law and order possible and enforceable. Before Law and Order the towns and villages were ran by vigilantes and road agents that not only controlled the towns viciously but unfairly as well. Due to railroads being built the Government were able to transport Police Officers and Sheriffs to the towns on the Great Plains to help restore Law + order and fairness to all the citizens settling there. This is how railroads helped develop the Great Plains as the Laws were able to make the citizens settle and without settled Citizens the Great Plains would have been havoc and unable to develop. Railroads also helped develop the Great Plains as they provided work for the citizens. During the process they provided jobs such as building the railroad and trains themselves but it was after the railroad had finished that they really helped develop the Great Plains with work. Train stations were built in which that provided jobs such as; ticket officer and train driver, but around the train stations many people opened shops and stores for the travellers. This is where most of the jobs were and this helped develop the Great Plains as more people started arriving which turned the Great Plains into a well-established and developed town/city. Communication was seldom before railroads on the Great Plains as they had not much technology and to travel would have taken a lot of time. Communication in a country between each city, town and village is vital especially for the Town Mayors and the Government. Without communication a country would be unable to run smoothly and would seize any kind of development they needed. This is how railroads helped develop the Great Plains, as citizens were able to communicate easier and quicker now. But more...
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