Development of Sturge Town

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AUTHOR: Dane S. Lewis
ID NUMBER: 620078377
COURSE: Communication, Culture and Caribbean Society (COMM1001)

QUESTION 6: in the context of development, analyze the attached article as discussed in the ccourses

The article in question, North West St. Ann Residents Stay Strong, is an anecdotal piece by Cassandra Brenton - Associate Editor of the Sunday Observer - accounting activities of the characters and stories told by said characters, in a rural district in North West St. Ann called Sturge Town. Sturge Town appears to be the stereotypical rural community, close-knit, quaint and economically driven by agricultural production. After reading the article, it became evident that the district was a proud and self dependent society. They cling to their foundations and use it as a motivating factor to facilitate and encourage their modus operandi - each on, help one or, it taking a village to raise a child. This is evident in the desire of/ and active pursuance of ensuring the community's children - who the interviewed characters believe are the ones with responsibility for the maintenance of the community's future - and the community at large - which for as long as they have health, the said interviewed characters are trying to maintain - are rooted and molded in a fashion conducive to proper social, economic and infrastructural development. Evidence of this is alluded to in the portion of the article which stated, "In fact, it quickly became apparent that every adult was a 'parent' in this close-knit community, founded in 1840 by freed slaves..." Their past is reflected in their present in that, much like the approach which their forefathers had taken with child rearing, it taking a village to raise a child, they have embraced this concept and emulate their ancestors. Unfortunately for Sturge Town and its development, by virtue of concerns voiced by the characters we encounter - Lureama Ingram, 85 year old Beatrice Christie and 97 year old...

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