Development of Intrapersonal Intelligence in Pupils Experiencing Social, Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties

Topics: Concept, Cognition, Psychology Pages: 3 (788 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Remember those moments when you’ve said something, scrambled to get your size 9 out of your mouth and attempt a classy recovery? Well 69 pupils attending secondary school in Scotland, were given a second chance, intervention style, in how to think before speaking. The article we chose to research is titled: “The Development of Intrapersonal Intelligence in Pupils Experiencing Social, Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties” by Joan Gaynor Mowat. The article was based on a support group approach in which positive re-enforcement fosters a development of intrapersonal skills. Joan Mowat believed with the proper amount of time and energy, students at the Secondary School level have the ability to develop a firmer grasp upon reflection and understanding within themselves when faced with decision-making problems. Resulting to Mowat’s hypothesis being “ the culture of a school will be developed as a consequence of the messages that are received about what is valued in the school community. When common humanity is valued, individuals will learn to relate to each other from a position that acknowledges unique human qualities and responses.” With this hypothesis, Joan Mowat conducted an evaluative case study consisting of 69 pupils who participated in the intervention within its first four years. The range of volunteers consisted of parents, support group leaders, class teachers and senior managers. The intervention focused on collaborative, discussion-based activities designed to reflect understanding and thinking skills. Also integrating a series of questionnaires (open and closed), scheduled interviews and focus group discussions to find data drawn from their attendance, attainment and discipline statics while comparing the support group population to wider comparator groups. The data collected from the pupils showed the majority of the individuals had developed a greater understanding of their behavior and maintain this outlook for two years after the intervention....
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