Development of Instant Rice for Young Children

Topics: Rice, Boiling, Water Pages: 19 (3445 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Research Article
Development of Instant Rice for Young Children
Bencharat Prapluettrakul 1, Patcharee Tungtrakul 2, Sukamol Panyachan 1 and Tasanee Limsuwan 1* Department of Home Economics, Faculty of Agriculture,
Institute of Food Research and Product Development,
Kasetsart University, Bangkaen Campus. Bangkok, Thailand
Corresponding author. E-mail address: 1

Received September 28, 2011; Accepted February 12, 2012
The objective of this research was to find a suitable method for producing an instant rice product from Thai Jasmine rice for young children aged 1-3 years old. Different methods of rice cooking, pre-treatment prior to drying, and rehydration were studied. Volume expansion, rehydration ratio, rehydration time, colour, texture, and sensory characteristics of instant rice product were compared. The results showed that the instant rice product prepared by boiling followed by freezing for 24 h at –20 ºC, drying at 70 ºC, and rehydration by boiling for 3 min showed no significant difference in hardness, adhesiveness, or cohesiveness from the freshly cooked rice. The hardness, adhesiveness and cohesiveness were 349.75 ± 3.94 N, –23.09 ± 1.30 N.s, and 0.49 ± 0.01, respectively. The sample also received the highest scores for stickiness, softness, and overall acceptability for use as food for young children. Boiling followed by 24 h of freezing prior to drying is recommended for producing instant rice for young children. Key Words: Instant food; Rice; Young children

Rice is the staple food for over half the
world’s population, including the Thai population.
Khao Dawk Mali 105 or Thai Jasmine Rice is the
most popular variety for consumption in Thailand
because of its pleasant fragrance when cooked as
well as its good texture. Rice is also a suitable food
for young children because it is easy to digest; it
contains many essential nutrients and no gluten.
The recommended diet for babies for the first
six months is mother’s milk exclusively, after which
complementary foods may be introduced in addition
to mother’s milk. Traditionally in Thailand the
popular complementary foods are mashed banana
and mashed rice porridge. Young children aged one

Silpakorn U Science & Tech J
6 (1) : 49-58, 2012

to three years rely more on staple foods like cooked
rice or rice porridge that is not mashed so they can
get used to chewing soft rice. Most Thai families
prepare their own children’s food. However, these
days many families do not have time to prepare
their own young children’s food and prefer to buy
ready prepared food products that are convenient
to serve. Many families also rely on child care
centers to supply their young children’s nutrition.
A preliminary survey of the foods for young children
available on the market showed that the selection is
limited. Most are instant products that have a liquid
or paste-like consistency when rehydrated. These
types are suitable in the early stages when babies are
first given complementary food but are not suitable

Silpakorn U Science & Tech J Vol.6(1), 2012

Development of Instant Rice for Young Children

for young children. The other instant rice products
on the market are also mostly not intended for young
Previous investigations have proposed instant
rice preparation processes consisting of methods
of soaking, cooking, pre-treatment prior to drying,
drying, and rehydration. The method of soaking,
boiling, washing prior to freezing, and drying was
suggested by Kongseree et al. (2002). Rewthong
et al. (2011) suggested that the boiling method
for cooking rice was better than the application
of electric rice cooker and washing step prior to
freezing gave poorer eating quality. The washing
step prior to freezing was shown to be unnecessary
for instant rice cooked by boiling (Carlson et
al.,1979). It has also been reported that the texture of
many rehydrated instant...
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