Development of Human Desperation: Life of Pi and Blindness

Topics: The Doctor's Wife, Novel, Short story Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: March 20, 2007
The sinners dealt with in our past novels and the present novel Blindness empathetically been assigned the trait of ignorance. Thus, providing the root of sin and degration of lives, as relating to the treatment of people in the short story Somni in the novel Cloud Atlas. Focusing on Blindness, the ungreedy are horribly dealt with by the thugs with a "conscience with teeth to bite" (18). This quality of man is the result of how humans sometimes favor short-term luxuries over long term consequences. This can be related to the car thief of the blind man near the beginning of the novel. So evidently, Saramago uses greed for fuel of ignorance to corrupt reason in this novel, and diagnoses the "sensual appetite" (171) of humans as a natural trait. The desperation of some people described of some people described in this novel such as the thieves, or the careless mad madmen who trampled over the blind relies on a psychological attempt to "escape their black destiny" and the reassuration from future hope(112).

The corruption of reason can also be derived from the development of desperation pursued in the novels Life of Pi, and Blindness. Referring to Life of Pi, Pi's solitary confinement seems to have a psychological effect, driving him to eat feces. This sense of indignation is also described in Blindness, considering a portion of the blind relieved themselves at any given moment. That was also due to a lack of respect for themselves, and everyone else. The logic possessing some of the blind that "the blind have nothing [they] can call [they're] own" is another factor leading to such degration (223). "The fact all humans were blind was a calamity for which they were not responsible"; this kind of misfortune seems to limit ones responsibility. Saramago uses the depiction of misfortune to allow the blind to act so inhumanely in this novel. There is the perception that "humanity will manage to live without eyes, but then it will cease to be humanity",...
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