Development, Influence and Impact

Topics: Developmental psychology, Family, Human development Pages: 7 (2310 words) Published: April 21, 2012
Development, Influence and Impact
Cynthia Bell
SOC312: Child Family & Society (BFE1206A)
Instructor:  Annamarie Cochrane
March 10, 2012

I had always dreamed of having two children, first a son and second a little girl. Every new baby is exposed to an atmosphere full of infinite possibilities; moral or immoral learning along with the development of self-discipline continue all through life. Subsequently all children that are born are different from any other child. No one can predict the future, as parents we dream that we will educate and assist our child through the four methods/stages of growth. As parents we continue wondering if the outside influences will be a positive influence on our children as they form relationships. This paper compares the systems of the Bioecological Model of Human Development by providing examples of the influences on a child’s growth of standard and irregular development in children as well as puberty, the interaction between cognitive, physical, and psychosocial development and its ability to influence overall child development. Development

The model of human development has been summarized through Urie Bronfenbrenner one of the world's foremost professionals in the field of developmental psychology. Within the writings of Bronfenbrenner it is understood that his belief in the development of children is not just one thing or system; Bronfenbrenner reports there are numerous outside influences that help mold the child’s personality/character (1990). The Mesosystem stands for the connotations concerning other microsystems. For example, how the family relates to the school, church as well as to how the family interact with their peers. The Exosystem associates the social setting that a person does not have an active role. For example, a spouse's or youth's knowledge at home possibly will be swayed by a mom's involvements at work. For instance let’s say the mom received an advancement that necessitates additional travel, this could cause an argument between she and the husband that in turns changes the communication all use with each other. When addressing the Macrosystem we address the culture in which persons live. Everyone’s macrosystem grows and changes over time, each continual peer group could change the macrosystem that is unique to each person (Kail, R. V., & Cavanaugh, J. C. 2010). The imitating of ecological actions in addition to the changes that occur such as divorce is an example of the final system called the Chronosystem. Influence

It is clear along with the usual role of educating; schools have a larger part to play in the progress of our children. However, they cannot and should not be the only responsible fragment of our children’s education/development. Along with the schools connections, parents, family, the community besides the media are incorporated into the Micro-system which makes a child’s Mesosystem complete (Berk 2000). When communication is poor between different micro-systems, more high risk people develop and are more unlikely to adjust in the general public. To reach the best outcomes for a child, stimulating yet active styles must be combined in the teaching method.

The family is the most powerful unit of the Mesosystem and such as controls how the youth performs in school. For that reason it demands that the school and the family interact to yield the best results. The family generates an inspiring atmosphere by getting involved with their children’s accomplishments (Addison 1992). The parental/school collaboration exists because it is the general public that allocates all the means to the school. Furthermore, the public also defines what material and which programs will be used in the school curriculum. Unfortunately in many of our school districts children do not have an equal playing field nor do they have the opportunity to succeed as well as learn equally as individuals. One of the key reasons for this is directly...
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