Development in Personality of Chris Mccandlessinto the Wild by Sean Penn

Topics: Happiness, Close-up, Long shot Pages: 3 (1349 words) Published: July 24, 2012
Analyse how visual and/ or sound and verbal techniques are used to develop the personality of an important character in a visual text you have studied In the movie Into the Wild directed by Sean Penn, many techniques have been used to show that Chris McCandless has a negative view towards people and society. It is the views of a character that define their personality. Some of the scenes when this is seen are when Chris graduates from college, and when he has his graduation lunch. However towards the end of the film this personality of Chris’s develops into a positive one. This development can be seen in the scenes when he reads a book titled ‘Family Happiness’, and when he writes in his diary after his attempt to cross the wide river. When Chris is graduating from college the director uses different techniques to contrast the formality of the occasion, which Chris disagrees to with his informal behaviour. The director uses a long shot of the students in their graduation uniform, and a close up shot of a lady perfecting student’s graduation hats. Both shots were done at a normal pace to set the formality of the occasion, also to show that everything for the occasion must be perfect. These two shots are contrasted with a fast paced, blurred shot of Chris running and jumping onto the stage, which shows his informal behaviour. The speed is used to contrast the difference between the two formal shots and the informal shot. This scene has been used to show that Chris has a disagreeing view towards the social convention, which is the formality of the graduation. Chris reacts to this by acting informally, instead of politely or respectfully following the social convention, by doing this he is showing that he is different. A person who doesn’t like following what other people do, whether it is socially accepted or not. This scene clearly shows that Chris has no respect for the social convention or occasion, which society and other people follow. Another scene that...
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