Development Communication

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Intercultural, development and health communication
Semester Assignment
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1.1 The new role for communication in the participatory development2 1.2 Participation and the two main uses of communication in the participatory development2 2 Aims and operations of development support communication as a form of participatory development4 Conclusion5


This assignment will focus primarily on the role of the multiplicity-in-one-world paradigm for participatory development communication. Firstly the questions deal specifically with the new role of communication, participation and the two main uses of communication in participatory development. Secondly, there is also a discussion on the aims and operations of development support communication as a form of participatory development. QUESTION 1

1.1 The new role for communication in the participatory development The new role of communication consists of a new model of communication strategies that is suitable for a democratic and participatory society. It’s also a process that is taking place horizontally among equal parties and sensitive to the needs of the audiences involved. Therefore we can conclude communication is an interactive, participatory and two-way process at all levels of society. Communication’s objective is an exchange of meaning and sharing of information between the parties involved. This objective entails making use of dialogue, indigenous knowledge and culture. Dialogue refers to communication between all the parties involved, from both sides, for example, the communities and their respective authorities. These parties will discuss issues facing them, exchange views about it and come to a mutual agreement that suits both of them. Indigenous knowledge is the ideology that Third World countries also have important knowledge about development and the challenges they face that they can share with other countries. An example of this is the Indigenous Knowledge for Development initiative that is managed by the World Bank. Its goal is to increase learning and knowledge into successful indigenous projects and programmes. Culture refers to the way of life the community follows; it includes art, music, dance, beliefs, values, attitudes, habits, lifestyle, tools and artifacts. It’s no longer seen as obstacles of development and has also investigated how traditional means of communication, for example folk media and community journalism influence the culture of the community. (COM2048 Only Study Guide 2008: 149 - 150).

1.2 Participation and the two main uses of communication in the participatory development Participation in this new paradigm refers to the process of sharing in joint action in development. Participation also operates on the basis of representation. Certain individuals are elected by a community to work closely together with the government. Thus a relationship needs to be formed between communities and their respective governments/authorities that will lead towards a common goal. This can only be done by working together and ensuring a win-win outcome for both parties involved. The two main uses of communication for participatory development involve the participation as involvement and collaboration and participation as emancipation and empowerment approaches. Participation as...
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