Development Causes Considerable and Irreparable Environmental Damage.

Topics: Environmentalism, Environment, Natural environment Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Development has offered mankind unique opportunities to improve their life, but at what cost? The environment suffers daily abuse to fuel man insatiable appetite for the conveniences of modern life. The environmental damages caused by development will inevitably spiral out of control due to the human-environment interactions it promotes and the lack of serious interest in environmental preservation. Our planet is fighting a losing battle to provide for its people and there seem no end in sight.

Due to development, man’s daily habits now result in adverse effects on the environment. Transportation has advanced significantly due to development, greatly improving man’s quality of life. But daily, the bi-products of modern transport contribute considerably to global warming. According to Andrew Jackson, author of Environmental Science: the natural environment and human impact, carbon emissions from land transport alone is responsible for 80% of ozone depletion, yearly. In addition to harmful gases, man also generates significant waste which, due to technological development, now includes cell phones, computer and other devices/materials that are injurious to the environment. Siyavula Uploaders, a cyber society committed to spreading awareness about environmental issues, technological development has forever changed the face of the planet; from the mining of materials to the production of goods and finally the disposal of waste, our planet has been reconditioned. Thomas Fried, writer for The New York Times, outlined in his ‘Addicted to Oil, that it is the “the big O” that will ultimately bring about the death of our planet. Oil is essential for industrial and economical development and has sparked a global dependence. The production, transportation and the use of oil all have adverse effects on the environment and man’s addiction, guarantees major environmental damage. Today, man leads a life devoted to convenience at whatever cost.

Development wreaks havoc on...
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