Developing a Networking Lexicon

Topics: Computer network, Network topology, Internet Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: April 21, 2012
Introduction to Computer Networking ICN210S

Computer Networking is a subject rich with specialized terminology and technology. Computer networks have spawned a language of their own, and half the challenge of becoming network literate lies in mastering this terminology. You must learn some new vocabulary. You are required to use various resources to determine the meaning and/or definitions for the following computer networking terms. You may consult textbooks, class notes, additional slides on isNotes (ICN210 folder), the internet, etc. As much as possible, attempt to explain the meaning of the terms in your own words. Simply cutting and pasting text from internet sources is not allowed. Restrict the explanations or definitions to a few sentences only. Provide diagrams and examples wherever applicable. Do not simply copy the work of another student. This defeats the whole purpose of the learning exercise. The completed list of definitions/explanations should be submitted via email to before Friday 02/03/2012

Define or explain the meaning of the following basic computer networking terms, giving examples and graphic illustrations wherever applicable. 1. Computer network 2. switch 3. hub 4. router 5. server 6. NIC 7. Modem 8. Ethernet 9. straight-through cable 10. cross-over cable 11. roll-over cable 12. LAN 13. MAN 14. PAN 15. WAN 16. VPN 17. internetwork 18. intranet 19. peer-to-peer network 20. client-server network 21. physical topology 22. logical topology 23. mesh topology 24. network protocol 25. network operating system 26. MAC-address 27. IP-address 28. private IP-address 29. public IP-address 30. TCP/IP 31. OSI 32. reference model 33. collision domain 34. broadcast domain 35. network applications 36. broadcast 37. unicast 38. multicast 39. default gateway 40. half-duplex 41. full-duplex 42. network host 43. network node 44. Access point 45. Ad-hoc wireless network 46. FDDI 47.Token Ring 48. bandwidth 49. throughput 50. subnet...
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