Developing a Business Plan

Topics: Marketing, Sustainability, Pro forma Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: April 18, 2013
VIElements of a business plan

The Executive Summary
This is the first element of your plan but is written last. It tells who you are, explains your vision and your strategy, what you are doing or proposing to do, the market, the capital you need and what you’ll do with it and your competitive advantage. In short it is the business plan in miniature. BBusiness description

In a business description firstly The name of the venture should be identified and The industry background should be presented in terms of current status and future trends . Also the new venture should be thoroughly described along with its proposed potential and The potential advantages the new venture possesses over the competition should be discussed in detail Cin the Sustainability statement

You should write Your definition of sustainability
And its Usually a one-page and it’s a stand-alone document DMarketing segment
iResearch, design and development of the market
this section is necessary if research and development is involved in the venture; describes the extent of research, design, and development, and the status of project milestones such as prototypes, lab tests, scheduling delays, and design work that still must be completed iiMarket niche and market share

iiiCompetitive analysis
iv Marketing strategy
vPricing policy
viAdvertising plan
EOperations segment
iIn this segment you should Describe the location of the new venture iiDiscuss facility’s needs, such as plant, warehouse and offices, and equipment needs, such as special tooling, machinery, computers and vehicles iiiOther factors are the suppliers and transportation costs involved in shipping materials; and labour supply, wage rates and needed skills ivThe cost data associated with various factors should be presented FSustainable development measures of performance

In this u should include Firm’s economic contributions to sustainability. Its impacts on the economic...
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