Developing Self-Awareness

Topics: Learning, Activity, Psychology Pages: 4 (429 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Activity 1.3
Who am I? - Developing self-awareness

|What are my core values? |How do these influence…. | | |My career goals? | |Personal development | | |Working with others |Desire to gain knowledge and learn new skills to better self which in turn will enable | |Honesty |me to gain a broad exposure and also progress further within HR. | |Loyalty | | |Accomplishment/success |My behaviour at work? | |Affection | | |Approachable |I enjoying working with people and having that day-to-day interaction as well as being | |Trustworthy |part of a close knit team so I feel I am able to build good relationships. I am | | |willing to take on any tasks and perform them the best of my ability. | |What do I know about my personality? |How do these influence…. | | |The way I interact with others? | |Conscientious...
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