"Developing Policy Arguments and Debate" Please Respond to the Following:

Topics: United States, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Pages: 1 (261 words) Published: April 25, 2013
"Policy Arguments" Please respond to the following:
* From the case study, Case 8.1, use the argument mapping procedures presented in the chapter and provide two pros and two cons (or strengths and weaknesses) of the recommendation that the United States should NOT intervene in the Balkans

Claim. The United States should not intervene in the Balkans Information. The Balkans conflict is a civil war. The war is among the Bosnians and Serbs. If the West Intervenes the Russians might do the same.

Warrant. The United States does not have strategic interest in the Balkans Qualifier. The Balkans is friendly toward the European Union and the United States Objection. The US is to help democracy and help human rights. Backing. If the US intervenes in the Balkans the Russian might retaliate and we might have a Cold war. Objection .The war might spread if the US does not intervene .Also if the US does not intervene we can have an ethnic cleansing.

Rebuttal .There has been an increasing cooperation among the European Union and the Balkans. The Pros and Cons are as follows:
Pros: The Balkans is a civil war and the US does not have a strategic interest in the region. If the US does not intervene the relationship with Russia will not be affected. Cons: If the US does not intervene we might have a war that would spread beyond the borders and will not be a civil war no more. Also if the US does not intervene we might have an ethnic cleansing and no peace.
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