Developing Oral Fluency

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Developing Oral Fluency

Oral fluency is a measure of how well and how easily you can communicate your ideas clearly and accurately in speech. Of course, correct pronunciation of individual sounds and words is very important for fluency, for your listener has to be able to hear and distinguish the words you are saying. However, stress, rhythm, and intonation can be even more important, they help making both single words and combinations of words, like phrases, clauses, and whole sentences, understandable to your listener. Grammar is the structure of the language and vocabulary holds the individual building blocks, so both are also essential to fluency. In conversation, you also have to be able to understand what the other person is saying, so good listening skills are also needed in oral fluency. Combining listening and reading with oral skills is a great way to improve your fluency. Read a newspaper or magazine article and then talk about it with friends. Watch a TV show or a movie or watch or listen to the news, and talk about it. Writing about a topic first is useful way to get ready for talking or for discussion.

*Oral Fluency Journal

Keep track of how your fluency is improving in your Oral Fluency Journal. Note how your pronunciation practice is going, and how your conversation skills are improving. Writing down what you need to work on, whether it's pronunciation, a grammar point, vocabulary, or reading about a subject so you can think of what to say -- or just that more practice is needed in this area.

*Daily Practice

All these things are important in building oral fluency, but none are as important as taking the time to practice speaking. Practice and sharpen your oral fluency skills every day.

*Record Your Voice with Sound Recorder

Record your voice and compare with the models online on web sites . You can record your speech and listen to yourself to analyze how well you are doing and what you need to work on to improve...
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