Developing Leadership Through Educational Debates

Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Skill Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: June 5, 2013
What makes a great leader? This is a critical question—one that demands an answer. It's actually a tricky question, something known in persuasive circles as a false dichotomy. It's false because genetics and environment both play a part in leadership development. Intelligence (IQ) plays an important role in leadership development, as does emotional intelligence (EQ). Certain personality traits such as self-confidence, dominance and extroversion are also essential. Our family often influences us, as does our national and organizational culture. Sadly, some may have the potential to lead, but were never given the opportunity. And tragically, some believe they cannot lead, when they could have. A failure to take operational control; mental rigidity preventing adaptation of new ideas and threatening innovation; an inability to handle the stress, manifesting itself as a lack of emotional stability; and a failure to communicate in a way that inspires hope and trust can never take a man ahead in life and gain him public acclamation and appraisal. To attune these qualities for self development and attaining leadership capacity having depth in the knowledge base is extremely important as - “Our greatest adversary is our own ignorance.”

Therefore knowledge of things is undoubtedly essential. However, leadership is a complex skill—requiring as it does keen psychological insight into the mind, behaviors both rational and irrational, beliefs, attitudes, values, emotions, human motivation, communication skills, and so on. Leadership development is surprisingly difficult. Reasons for this include organizational factors beyond our control, and individual factors which we can control. But, “skill is nil without will.” — Judah Ibn Tibbon, the Spanish physician and translator said in, A Father's Admonition to His Son. Great effort and underlying motivation play an incredibly important role in mastering leadership development....
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