Developing Effective Management Strategies for Low Cost High Quality Mass Education Through Bless ( Blended Learning System Structure) for Rural India.

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, History of education Pages: 7 (2372 words) Published: July 15, 2010
Introduction :Learning Processes using Electronic media through remote control equipment tend to be extremely complex but gaining popularity across the world. It is not too surprising to note that the existing research done in this field seems to be too scattered and dominated by more tangible issues such as content and learning platform design in a bottom-up approach. While initially this appears practical, I am convinced that advance learning platforms need to be designed to optimally support the underlying educational process in India specifically for the Rural schools , where the opportunity for getting quality education are scarce. We must strongly believe that access to educational opportunities is a basic human right for all, not just a privilege for the few. Regardless of whether one is from a urban or rural sector, one is born in a city or a village, one's status or location, all people should have access to the best education the world can provide. And I believe that the technology already exists to accomplish this goal--so together we can change the world. As a management strategist and educator with deep interest in significant and effective learning and have realized that neither learning paradigm in isolation can provide the support that educators require to implement effective blended learning scenarios. Rather, a socio- technical solution that co-considers educational concerns and technical support is needed in order to promote technology enhanced educational practices that are as intuitive and close to its users as possible.But how can we bridge the wide gap between educational practices and learning. This research work intends to be based on the process based learning theories (top-down approach ).This research study proposes the Blended Learning System Structure (BLESS) model that introduces a layered architecture for decomposing the complexity inherent in the transition from courses their effective support by learning technologies. Considering the economic conditions it is proposed that the research work shall be highlighted and emphasise the following factors: •Developing a low cost user friendly model i.e., it will be a process driven and the facilitators ( shiksha karmi ) appointed in the village schools shall be able to give face-to face teaching support in the BLESS. •Standardization : It will be highly recommended that the system shall be standardized and same syllabus should be followed everywhere, however the language differences in different parts should be taken care of. •Low cost training system for facilitators ( siksha karmi) •In particular , BLESS is intended to act as a reusable framework for decomposing complex blended learning process into smaller, more tangible and reusable learning activity pattern may subsequently be used to guide blended course design and effective use of learning technology.

A large number of studies have been done in the west on BLESS but practically not much efforts are made in India to take advantage for the vast rural population. I feel that in India we now require an education system at the primary level which should give more emphasis on visual displays and also the teaching methodology should be uniform and all schools in villages can avail high quality and standardized instruction sources through satellite transmissions. Similarly it is observed that in higher education especially in theory based courses i.e., MBA the Faculty can connect the class rooms to the best Institutions in the world and get specialized lectures on specific topics or handle a case study along with the students of other top grade institutions etc.

Objective of the study :

The objective of this research work will be a purely exploratory to develop a best methods for Indian students at the Primary Level to enhance the quality of Instructions, make education more interesting , more interactive, cost effective and high level of standardization in education through BLESS...
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