Developing Coaching Skills for the Work

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What is Coaching and how can GDP benefit from it?

Coaching is about guiding an individual to confidently reach their aims and goals and achieve their full potential within all aspects of their lives, both personally and professionally. It is about helping an individual to achieve these aims and goals without advice, suggestion or judgement. The IIC (International Institute of Coaching) defines it as - “an interactive, results orientated enlightening process that brings about change. Coaching provides each person with the opportunity to live a happier healthier and peaceful life while maximising their personal and professional potential”

Are there different types of Coaching?
There are many different types of coaching but just two examples are – Executive/Business Coaching – This is where there is a one to one session between a coach and the performer (this is what the individual being coached is often referred to as) with the aim of helping the performer overcome any issues, achieve goals and enhance their job performances. Life/Personal Coaching – This is where performers are helped to determine and achieve goals both within their personal lives and their career direction and development.

What are “Directive” and “Non-Directive Coaching”?
Not only are there many different types of coaching but there are also different kinds of approaches to coaching. Two of the main approaches are called “Directive Coaching” and “Non-Directive Coaching”. “Non-Directive Coaching” is where the coach asks simple but skilled questions which allows the performer to take ownership and find their own solutions to the issues concerning them. Non-Directive Coaching gives the performer a sense of empowerment and responsibility as the accountability of any actions lies directly with them. A Non-Directive coach will not offer any advice but will help the performer to uncover options not previously thought of and also see the situation or issue from a different...

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