Developing an Esd Program with Community Participation

Topics: Education, Sociology, Sustainability Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: November 21, 2008
Developing an ESD Program with Community Participation
Samir Ajmeri
Vallabh Vidyanagar.
Sustainable development is that which can give earning opportunities to the growing population and make them aware of each and every incident occurred in the nation at large.
For that we have to develop an educational program in which the whole community is involved. Before some days, people were asked to give their vote to Taj Mahal as the first wonder of the world by T.V. Channel. We can understand that most of urban educated people having T.V. and Telephone in their home can give their vote if they are interested in such activity. Some people having such facilities do not care even to read such messages. Why it is so ? It is so because our educational program is not developed with the participation of people of whole community. It is prepared by some selected urban educated people. In our educational program we have not included the customs, traditions, religious ceremonies and lok bolies of different religions. So our educational program is not fully accepted by the whole mass of the community They do not find something of their own in our educational program. People do not accept which is not of their won. We want to spread our messages to the nation through the educational program which is not of their own. How can it be possible ?

We have to prepare a new educational program for sustainable development of our country and for that representation of the whole community should be taken into account. The experience of the past and analysis of the present situation have been kept in view in designing a framework of urban rural

education linked to challenges of
development so that it becomes instrumental in transforming society into really dynamic and forward looking one. Curricula for various stages of school system relevant to academic growth and linkages with socioeconomic

development could be
evolved within the framework provided by NCERT. The teachers in Rural...

References: 1988 pp. 228237
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