Developed Countries Do Not Have Responsibility to Help

Topics: Developed country, Cyprus, Country classifications Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: November 5, 2008
In recent years, we can know the situations that many poor people in undeveloped countries are suffering from hunger and various epidemics by the television and the Internet. The first general response in developed countries to this is to feel pity for them and great sadness. And some people in developed countries sometimes say, “We have a responsibility to help suffering people in undeveloped countries. Let’s give the money to charity for poor people in undeveloped countries!!” However, do people in developed countries really have a responsibility to help people in undeveloped countries? Why would we have a responsibility to help people in undeveloped countries? This essay will argue that people in wealthy, developed countries do not have a responsibility to help very poor people in undeveloped countries. First, we have a bigger responsibility to people close to us. Second, we should not interfere with people in undeveloped countries. Support Paragraph #1

One of the main reasons why we do not have a responsibility to help is that our most important responsibility is to the people we know and love. This is because we regard a special relationship as very important. This idea is supported by Fraser (2007), who also believes her only responsibility is to herself, her families and her friends. She gives an example which is, if two children are drowning and one of two children is our son and the other is a stranger’s son, most of us would try to save our son because he is a special for us. If we save a stranger, we may not save our son. So, if we have responsibility to help poor strangers who live in undeveloped counties, we will not be able to help the people who we know and love. In sum, we should put the people who close to us before the strangers. Support Paragraph #2

Another reason why we do not have a responsibility to help is that developed countries should not help poor people in undeveloped countries without thought. This is because our...
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