Develop Teams and Individuals

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Develop Teams and Individuals

TASK 1.1: Legislative Framework

Question 1: What is the name of this body?
Australian human rights commission

Question 2: List the titles of the different legislation, including the year that governs anti-discrimination for the Commonwealth or Federal Government. Age Discrimination Act 2004
Disability Discrimination Act 1992
Human rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986
Sex Discrimination Act 1984
Racial Discrimination Act 1975

Question 3: From July 1 2009, most Australian workplaces are governed by a new system created by the Fair Work Act 2009. Who will administer this act and what will they do in relation to enforcing Commonwealth workplace law? The fair work ombudsman

Promoting harmonious, productive and cooperative workplace relations. Ensure compliance with Australian workplace laws.
Services are free to all workers and employers in Australia. Don’t advocate or represent any specific person or interest. Offer people a single point of contact for them to get accurate and timely information about Australia’s workplace relations system. Educate people working in Australia about fair work practices, rights and obligations. Investigate complaints or suspected contraventions of workplace laws, awards and agreements. Litigate to enforce workplace laws and deter people from doing wrong in the community. Build strong and effective relationships with industry, unions and other stakeholders. Question 4: Look up the website of the body governing anti-discrimination legislation in your state and list the name of the administering body and title of the legislation (as required in 1 and 2 above)

Anti-discrimination commission Queensland anti-discrimination Act1991 Question 5: In your own words, describe what unlawful discrimination is and how it can occur in regards to training. Unlawful discrimination is people who in school, or workplace that prejudices other people because its age, gender, nationality or color. For example, some owners only want to hire the workers who is male, because they think female will care about them family more than job, will not 100% working for the company and female may have long term day off if pregnancy. Question 6: Consider the following scenario.

Helen had been working as a registrar in a school for many years and applied to undertake internal training in new information services being developed by the department. Her application was denied because management thought she was too old to learn about new information technology, like the internet. Has Helen’s employer acted ethically? Justify your response. Helen’s employer acted no ethically. As I said on question 5, if people prejudices by other people’s age, gender, nationality or color, that is unlawful discrimination. Because learning new skill easy or not depending on people’s mind, he wants or not, not depending on his age.

Question 7
What do government authorities advise Helen to do to resolve the situation? Helen should lodge a complaint. This can be with either the State or Federal department whichever is applicable, or Helen could choose the jurisdiction of both have legislation that covers her case.

Task 1.2: Case Study
1.2.1 Gap Analysis
Review the above case study and create a gap analysis based on; (a) Margaret’s current performance
Margaret was chosen because of her knowledge of GBRMPA, positive attitude and enthusiasm for the Authority’s goals and vision as well as the excellent customer service she has shown outside of her current position. The Members of GBRMPA are usually busy and Mary has become an unofficial Customer Service Officer for clients as well as maintaining her regular duties. (b) The organizational objectives

Margaret has become a critical part of the team and we want to make sure she feels that she has your support as much as possible.

To this end, we decide to identify and implement a...
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