Devaluation of the Lives of Animals

Topics: Human, Ethics, Chimpanzee Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: April 3, 2013
As medical science advances the need for more extensive testing of new medicines and pharmaceuticals. These drugs need to go through years of testing to see for possible long term affects. Instead of treatment on humans, scientists use a wide variety of animals to simulate the effects. These animals physiological similarities to humans would be their ultimate downfall. Yearly thousands of animals wake up each day, robbed of the liberties and freedom every organism has a right to. Although animals lack the self awareness of humans, putting them through such preventable suffering through inhumane experimentation is unjust and should be stopped.

DEvaluation of the Lives of Animals
Many of the world's pharmaceuticals are tested on a variety of animals from dogs to rats. The physiological and genetic similarities an animal's has with humans, allows them to be the perfect test subject. Even the most obscure similarity can warrant a licence to test on animals "I studied the genetics of fruit flies for twenty-five years and during that time probably killed tens of millions of them without a thought. ...I applied for and received research funds to study behaviour in flies on the basis of the similarity of their neuromuscular system to ours. " (suzuki-681) Simply from a similarity in the neuromuscular system, tens of millions of flies were raised and killed solely for testing neurological behaviour. To raise different animals as if they were some sort of harvest for the next big drug lacks any of the principals one would bestow upon a human. Humans are using animals as a means for humans ends, taken away are the absolute rights every organism on this planet has. Many scientists put the animals in a 'happy' state prior to death, where the animals are in a "period of rather pleasant delirium like that of alcoholic intoxication" (Haldane, 657) The idea that drugging then killing an animal is an ethical solution is rather odd, as the simple fact that the animal is...
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