Determinisn or Indeterminism

Topics: Robin Wright Penn, Forrest Gump Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Philosophy and Media
Cheryl Thomas
South University Online
PHI 2301

The movie that I chose for this assignment is Forrest Gump. I will be identifying the Determinism Theory and Phenomenology Theory.

In the movie Forrest Gump, he was labeled as being stupid. As a child he had to defend himself from the boys in the neighborhood. The boys would pick on him because they thought that he was stupid, and because he wore braces on his legs. The only way that Forrest knew to defend himself was to run and running is what he did. Running was an experience that he knew how to do very well, since this is what he did most of his childhood. As time passed and Forrest became an adult he was determined to let everyone know that he was not stupid. So one day while sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus, Forrest discussed his level of intelligence with a stranger. Trying to let the stranger know that he did not consider himself as being stupid he said “Stupid is as stupid does.” In spite of him being labeled as stupid, Forrest went on to prove that he was as normal as the next person. He went on to become a football star, meet John F. Kennedy, serve in the Vietnam War and spoke at an anti-war rally at the Washington Monument. And to further prove that he was not stupid, he became the original investor for Apple Computers and opened a profitable shrimping business. Although Forrest is labeled as being stupid he has a lot of remarkable accomplishments to prove that he is just as intelligent as the next person. As all these wonderful accomplishment in Forrest life is happening and time passes by, he never forgets about the girl that he loved when he was a child. Jenny (Robin Wright Penn) was the girl that he loved as a child. One night while Forrest was out at a bar, Jenny was there performing on stage. The other men there were grabbing on Jenny and Forrest thought that they were hurting her, so he went to help her out. Forrest went to help Jenny because thought that she...
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