Determining the Value of a Football Player

Topics: Manchester City F.C., Manchester United F.C., American football Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: May 3, 2013
How DO We Determine The value of a football player?

Why did Real Madrid pay $120,000,000 million for him?

In recent years we have seen the football market go crazy with the world record transfer fee shattered not once, but twice! In a global recession where most sports teams in North America are nervously watching their turnover and revenue streams, sacrificing the chance to sign real quality college/high school players in favour of saving money, an American football (soccer) fan could be forgiven for thinking life on the Eastern side of the Atlantic is a bed of roses. Consider two players this summer: Carlos Tevez and Emanuel Adebayor are both valued at ballpark £25m. Why? Both are international players with Argentina and Togo respectively and both are 25 yrs of age. Both have big club experience and play a premium position. So what exactly does the £25m fee comprise of? 1) Squad Status

This player is an indispensable member of the team
This player is an important first team player
This player is a valued member of the squad
This player is a backup to the first team
2) Age
By bracketing a fixed valuation on the age brackets we can surely regulate transfer fees? The younger the higher value we can affix to a fee from the 21-25 range. The same for squad status: the higher the status, the higher value the fee. Talent

All players to have a minimum of 20 Premier League appearances Type A- Opta Statistics to determine whether a player is in the top 10% performers in their positions Type B- Opta Statistics to determine whether a player is in the top 25% performers in their positions Type C- Opta Statistics to determine whether a player is in the top 40% performers in their positions Type D- Opta Statistics to determine whether a player is in the top 60% performers in their positions This is tougher to regulate as football statistics can be subjective. How do we determine top performing goalkeeper? Buffon could play for West...
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