Determination of Vitamin C content in beverages by Calorimetric Method

Topics: Vitamin C, Ascorbic acid, Vitamin Pages: 3 (1429 words) Published: October 21, 2014

FST 1101
Experiment 3: The Determination of Vitamin C in beverages by Colorimetric Method Name: Wong Chun Hong
Matric no.: A0123932L
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the essential nutrients the human body requires for it to function. There are many benefits of Vitamin C like the protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases and even skin wrinkling. It comes to no surprise how there is a huge emphasis on Vitamin C intake in people. Vitamin C is normally found in fruits like lemons, oranges and mangoes. In recent years, Vitamin C can be artificially added into beverages as well so that people are able to have more varieties of food to consume Vitamin C. Food companies are required to label the amount of Vitamin C content if it is in large amounts so that consumers are able to be more aware of the nutritional content of the food product. However, food companies may mislabel some of the nutritional content hence it is important for food scientists to make sure the claim food companies give is actually true. In this experiment, the amount of Vitamin C would be determined by the reduction of DCPIP by ascorbic acid. This is used as DCPIP is a blue solution and when it is being reduced, the color of the solution will fade off. By using a colorimetric method, the amount of ascorbic acid in fruits and beverages can be determined by taking the absorbance value reading from the Visible Spectrophotometer. A calibration curve would be plotted using standard solutions and from the calibration curve, the amount of ascorbic acid can be found in fruits and beverages. Materials and Methods

0.12% Oxalic acid solution
Stock ascorbic acid solution (0.015g/100mL)
DCPIP solution
Secrets of the Valley (expiry 19/05/2015)
Whispers of Summer (expiry 14/10/2014)
Lemon fruit
Preparation of Calibration Curve:
A blank cuvette containing 3mL of water was placed in the visible spectrophotometer to auto zero the...
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