determination of riboflavin by using UV-vis

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Determination of Riboflavin by using UV-Vis spectrophotometry. ABSTRACT:
The amount of Riboflavin in various brand of children multivitamins was determine by using UV-Vis spectroscopy instrument, the series of standard of riboflavin was prepared in order to determine the amount of the riboflavin in the sample of children multivitamins. The maximum amount of riboflavin was found in the Champs multivitamin that contains 0.1155 mg followed by Chewies 0.1131 mg and Scott’s 0.0672 mg. OBJECTIVES:

1. To determine the amount of riboflavin in children multivitamin tablet. 2. To compare the value obtain of riboflavin with the published value for the tablet. INTRODUCTION:
Riboflavin also knows as vitamin B2 that has chemical formula of C17H20N4O6 is the water soluble vitamin that means the body was not stored them and also not produce them, the sources of the riboflavin can found in plants or animals tissues such as almonds, organ meats, whole grains, green leafy vegetables milk and etc. Vitamin B2 is very important to the body cause it is involved in the vital metabolic processes in the human body, and it is necessary for the body growth, also can act as antioxidant in order to prevent the free radical that can contributes to the cancer. Besides it also necessary for the energy production were it convert the carbohydrates to the glucose and also convert the vitamin B6 and folate in the form that can use by body. The lack of the riboflavin in the body can caused slowed growth, digestive problem, and also the swelling and soreness of the throat. While the excess of the riboflavin can contributes to the kidney stones, allergy and sensitive to the light. That why for the children although for the adults it has a limitation of riboflavin intake in daily dietary. According to the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), the children 0-6 months old just need to take 0.4mg for the 17-12 months is 1.0 mg, 1-3 years are 0.5mg, 4-8 years is 0.6mg and for 9-13 years need 0.9mg. Nowadays, there is easy ways for the children that not have unbalance of vitamins in their dietary, because the multivitamins can provides all the useful vitamins for them. Multivitamins is the dietary supplement that contains three or more vitamin and mineral does not included herb, hormones, and drug that form in the tablet, capsule, powder, liquids and also injections. There is a wide method in order to determine the riboflavin and the one of sufficient method that can used is by using UV-Vis. UV-Vis spectroscopy is based on the selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation in the 180-780nm wavelength range. UV-Vis radiation has sufficient energy to cause transition in bonding electrons and thus, is correlated best with the behavior of bonds and functional groups in the analyte. Absorption in the UV-Vis range is mainly a study of molecules and their electronic transitions. Electron participating directly in bond formation or to unshared,outer electrons that are localized about electronegative atoms that can be promote to a higher energy molecular orbital.UV-Vis spectra can be obtained from organic absorbing species such as transition element ions, lanthanides and actinides as well as inorganic complexes or charge transfer complexes. APPARATUS AND MATERIALS:

volumetric flask, graduated pipette, beaker, mortar and pestle, stirrer , dropper distilled water, 1% ethanoic acid, 1 M NaOH, Riboflavin, multivitamin tablet, glacial acetic acid. PROCEDURE:
Preparation of standard:
A 100 ppm stock standard of riboflavin was prepared by dissolving 0.01 g of riboflavin powder in 100 mL of 1% ethanoic acid. Working standards were prepared by pipetting 0.5 mL, 1.5 mL, 2.5 mL, 3.5 mL, and 4.5 mL aliquots of the standard solution into separate 50 mL volumetric flask and was diluting with the 1% ethanoic acid. Preparation of sample:

One tablet of the children multivitamin was weighed and was grind by the mortar and pestle in order to get the tablet powder. One...

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