Determination: Learning and Hard Work

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Shandra Gentle
September 25-2014

Determination The greatest lesson I have learned in my life thus far. I have found this to be true in most aspects of my life, for all of my growth and success has come as a result of determination and perseverance. No matter how desperate the situation may be, no matter how badly it seems I will succeed. While I had experience failures and hardships, this experience taught me the most valuable lessons, making me a stronger person and building the character which drives the individual I am today. I was raised in a small household and participated in many different things growing up. Since I was young, I have striven to achieve my goals; I call it a "determination to succeed." Without a "determination to succeed," giving up in life, when a situation seems impossible to overcome, becomes second nature. The methods one uses to overcome the challenges faced in life affects how one acquires success. For example, my ancestors did not overcome their struggle for equality without self-determination to better their lives. Thus, their lives have been an inspiration for me. The motivation to excel, though sometimes forgotten in my generation, is a quality that needs nourishment. My parents taught me that it takes hard work and to be successful. They pushed me to follow my dreams from a young age child which has carried over into my adulthood. Their guidance and belief in me gave me the strength to believe in myself, which I consider to be main reason I have experienced so much success in my life so far. I learned to go back to school to get my degree. Learning is a never-ending road, and I truly believe that I must continue to learn in order to improve and excel in my career, as well in all other areas of life. During my first year at Wayne County Community College I developed a passion for the field of associates of arts and associates of general study’s...
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