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Determinate Sentencing vs. Indeterminate Sentencing

By eronturon May 02, 2013 334 Words
April 8 2013
Assignment #7
Determinate sentencing vs. Indeterminate sentencing
First of all, choosing amongst the two types of sentencing, indeterminate or determinate, really depends on the questions, what the crime is and is the crime violent or non-violent? If the crime is only non-violent such as fraud, then determinate sentencing would be the right fit for the suspects but if the crime that had occurred is murder, kidnapping, or other violent crimes, then the suspects would fall under indeterminate sentence. Now, according to NYC Criminal Defense Attorney, “The purpose of indeterminate sentencing is to prevent the defendant from violent behavior while incarcerated by giving them the power to determine his/her release date.” This means that criminals that have part 1 offense would more likely to be locked up in order to provide the community a safer grounds. I like this type of sentencing better than determinant sentencing due to the fact that it not just protects us but it also reduces the crime that would occur in the same or possibly a different area. Alternatively, determinant sentencing has a “fixed term of punishment for a criminal offense.” This means that suspects that are being sentenced with this type usually did not cause any harmful offense. I also like this type of sentencing because from a small type of crime we do not make a huge deal out of it, trusting the suspects on not doing the same crime again. Ultimately, I would advocate indeterminate sentencing for suspects that caused part 1 offenses while I would advocate determinate sentencing for suspects that only caused part two offenses. Of course, many will probably disagree with this assertion but one thing is for sure, without the proper use of sentencing, our community would be far more dangerous than before. Bibliography

1. "What Is The Difference Between Determinate Sentencing and Indeterminate Sentencing In New York State Criminal Court?" New York City Criminal Attorneys RSS. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Apr. 2013.

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