Detection of Pollutants in Atmosphere by Digital Signal Processing of Satellite Images

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Detection of pollutants in atmosphere by digital signal processing of satellite images

Satellite imaging has changed the view of remote sensing application. Different methods and ways of processing have been found out . These methods have extended from military applications to research work. A satellite image has to go for image processing and the proper pictorial view can be achieved of the required object. Remote sensing is done in two ways one is satellite imaging and other is ariel photography . the precision and accuracy has been increased due to digital signal processing. Launching of advanced satellites it has been possible to increase the ground resolution of satellite images. Due to increased resolution it has been possibleto extend the work from ground images to atmospherics pollution content images that are difficult by instrumental techniques. Here we are suggesting a theory by which we can do an attempt to get information about change in constituents of air in atmosphere without having to take special images other than regular remote sensing satellite images. Satellite images are taken from satellite with specially designed instruments. These instruments work within multiband of visible light infrared light wavelength and also include thermal images. These different images give us the information about the reflected light and absorbed light from the earth’s surfaces and earth’s atmosphere. We can also get stereo –images of the earth’s surface and earth’s atmosphere by proper processing. By applying digital signal processing and interpreting the images we get dimensional image of the atmosphere . the three dimensions are the 3 axis lengths and the fourth dimension is spectrum of a point location in an atmosphere . since each element in atmosphere has its own specific spectrum. It is possible to interpret constituents of air and a 3D model of motion of pollutants in an atmosphere.


Satellites of advanced technology are now being launched in earths atmosphere to take satellite images of ground profile . The application of Satellite has been intended from military applications to research work. Initially aerial photography was been used in civil engineering for preparing ground maps giving more precise information of ground profile. Development has been done in getting ground maps with the help of satellites. Attempys are made to get information about atmospheric and weather conditions. Most of times air pollution analysis is being done to get information with the help of chemical analysis. Chemical analysis gives more precise results but they take long time for analysis. In advanced methods light or sound is being used to get information about atmosphere replacing chemical analysis. Since atmosphere is vast it’s difficult to analyse all portion of atmosphere. Balloons are being attached with atmospheric constituent measuring instruments and used for getting atmospheric information. Here we are attempting to get atmospheric information in terms of motion of pollution in atmosphere with the help of satellite imaging.

2 Satellite imaging processing
2.1 Satellite images

Different types of satellite are being launched in the atmosphere to get satellite images of required specification. Day by day progress is made to develop different satellites equipped with modern technique and tools . the result is increased resolution and clarity of image . this advancement has helped in getting images with high resolution and more precision . The satellite images are taken from far distance from earth. The resolution of image plays important role in getting more accurate information from images .There are two types of satellites launched one is Landsat and other is GOES ( Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite ). Landsat moves at lower altitudes than GOES satellites. Therefore the resolution of Landsat is more than GOES satellites. Landsat...
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