Detecting Media Bias

Topics: Critical thinking, Perspective, Bias Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Detecting Media Bias
Leah Reich
June 13, 2013
Vincent Vera

Detecting Media Bias
To detect bias in a news story, people should investigate whether the story is clear and accurate, has supported facts, has considered alternative perspectives and worldviews, has any hidden questionable assumptions, and whether or not there were any questions ignored while others were emphasized. Making critical evaluations and distinctions of news stories is important because the author writing the story may be biased. This can leave the reader convinced of something that is untrue. A good example is a news story, by Christopher S. Rugaber, titled More Americans quite jobs, a sign of confidence. In this story, Rugaber strongly believes the job market in America is improving because more Americans are quitting their jobs, which suggests Americans are growing more confident in the job market. Let’s take a closer look and investigate if Mr. Rugaber has any evidence of bias in his story. Is the Story Accurate and Are the Facts Supported?

The author’s story is clear and continually gives an abundant amount of facts throughout the entire story. The reader must take a closer look because it is an illusion. The story only gives the appearance that it is full of accurate information. In reality, there are so many facts that they consume most of the story, which may trick the reader in believing the author’s story to be true. The author starts the story with strong supportive and clear facts about other sources he gathered his information from with accurate numbers to support his opinion. Most of the facts shown within the story are not linked to any substantial references. Even though he has included numbers and dates, there is no supported evidence to prove those numbers and dates are true. For instance, where Rugaber writes “The Fed says it will continue its ambitious program of bond purchases…” (2013). Who is the Fed? Where did he read or hear this...

References: Rugaber, C. S. (2013). More Americans quit jobs, a sign of confidence. Associated Press.
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