Details of the Proposal

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I -Research Title

Anthology of University of the East Student Poetry:
History and Literary Development

II – Name of the Proponets
Associate Professor Diana G. Cabote-Benito, MFA (Project Leader) Assistant Professor Marvin M. Abreu, MAEd

III – Address, College or unit of the Proponent
Communication Arts Department and Languages Department
College of Arts and Sciences, University of the East- Caloocan Campus

IV – Background of the Study

Philippine poetry has gone a long way in our historical and literary milieu. Literary authors such as Virgilio Almario, Rogelio Mangahas, and Lamberto Antonio are products of the University in its early founding. The three literary icons whose verses are well-known as the Three Tungko ng Panulaang Tagalog na Modernista are genuinely UE alumni who started in campus writing and journalism. During their youth, they were the pacesetters to literary development during the “Golden Age” of campus literary movement. This research arises to trace the standpoint of the University’s foremost three modernist poets, and other literary geniuses’ from 1947 to the present. This will provide a retrospect of UE students’ contribution to campus poetry in particular and the coming in and development of a new genre in Philippine Poetry in general. UE’s proud literary icons are unquestionably one of the finest in the eyes and ears of the young dilettantes – whether they are mused by the literary masters’ poems and fictions or as avid followers or as alter egos of the craft. These emerging student writers have made the University the venue to express their literary acumen. Some published their literary works in school organs (Dawn, UE Panorama, UE Today, etc.), and they struggled to meet deadlines just to be heard, but not all that appears on paper is palatable to other people’s literary taste. In different situations, some writers will continue to write; many will stop and many more will fade away. The latter’s downside is caused by the University’s apathy to hone the students’ creativeness. The absence or deficiency of on-campus literary centers, writing training courses, writing/writers’ conferences or fellowships, and courses under the arts and letters are factors that hold back idealist writers to continue the craft. On the other hand, should the University promote student literary ingenuity and culture, the entire academic community can become a fertile ground that can grow and produce young dexterous and creative poet-writers. And maybe, soon, our university will become the next pacesetter in Philippine literary history.


For the past seven years, we have been using The Philippine Literature: A History and Anthology edited by Bienvenido Lumbera and Cynthia Nograles Lumbera (2005), in teaching the subject, Literature of the Philippines. The book is sequenced based on the chronological order of Philippine Literary History: - Pre-colonial Period, Philippines under Spanish Colonialism, Philippines under US colonialism, the new Philippine Republic and the Philippines after EDSA. All literary genres are presented in every chapter. It includes poetry, fiction, drama, and a newly categorized genre - creative non-fiction, commonly known as essay. The book justifies that art, in any form, is the intellectual and cultural product of a society, and not otherwise, the society a product of literature. Greenstreams: The De La Salle Student Poetry Reader 1924-1996 (Villanueva, 2010) showcases the linguistic, metaphorical, and cultural evolution of the La Sallian consciousness through a historical panorama of poems in English and in Filipino. Although the book is arranged in different periods based on the La Sallian literary movement, it is significant because the compilation is in cognizance of the historical literary development of student campus organs and other student publications...

Bibliography: 2. Greenstreams: A Lasallian Student Poetry Reader, 1925-1996 (Manila: DLSU/Camilo M Villanueva Jr, 1996).
3. The Philippine Literature: A History and Anthology edited by Bienvenido Lumbera and Cynthia Nograles Lumbera (English Edition, Anvil Publishing, Inc. 2005)
Date of Submission of the Proposal
☺ February 2o, 2012 – Details of the Proposal – Draft #1
☺ March 13, 2012 – Details of the Proposal – Draft #2
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