Detailing the Implications of a Team Leader Not Having Interpersonal Skills

Topics: Communication, Team, Graphic communication Pages: 4 (1187 words) Published: November 4, 2007
Task 4

4b – Detailing the implications of a team leader not having interpersonal skills;

After successfully holding a training session for a small team of people on the merits of team working and interpersonal skills, I now have to identify the implications of a team leader not having the type of interpersonal skills that are needed to run an effective team.

Interpersonal Skills enable you to work with others harmoniously and efficiently within a team, working well with other involves understanding and appreciating individual differences. The following points are important interpersonal skills to have; ∙ accepting responsibilities

∙ resolving conflict
∙ communication skills
∙ being culturally aware
∙ bringing something to the team

Accepting Responsibilities within the team is an important interpersonal skill to have because it can help the team progress and help the individual advance. The responsibilities that members will face within the team are; ∙ responsibilities that come with the job

∙ responsibilities that you voluntarily assume
∙ responsibilities that arise from a situation

Additional responsibilities can be done voluntarily or involuntarily. In most teams you will be asked to do things that are not in your job description. Handling these requests in a positive manner will benefit the team because additional responsibilities can help; ∙ learn new skills

∙ make positive contribution to the team
∙ assist a co-worker
∙ help meet deadlines

Resolving Conflicts, many causes of conflict arise due to miscommunication; a break down in communication can be due to; ∙ cultural differences
∙ differences in opinions
∙ unclear roles or expectations
∙ unequal status
∙ misunderstanding of languages

With these problems causing conflict within the team it is important to make sure theses barriers are understood so the team can flow...
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