Detailed Lesson Plan in Values

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A Detailed Lesson Plan in Values
Grade 7 – B
Prepared by: Danielle Red

I. Objectives

At the end of the lesson the student should be able to:
* Share to the class about their traits and characteristics as part of their self-discovery. * Appreciate and respect themselves and other people's unique traits and characteristics. * Make a personal commitment on improving oneself. 

II. Subject Matter
Topic: Who Am I?
References: Values Education pg. 77 & 78
Materials: Book and Visual Aids
Values: Appreciation of one self.

III. A. Learning Activities
Teacher’s ActivityStudent’s Activity
1. Prayer-The assigned student will lead the prayer. 2. Motivational: Sing “How do you do?”-The assigned students will lead the song. 3. Checking of Attendance-The secretary of the class check it. 4. Drill

Sing and dance
“I love myself”

I love myself the way I am -Students will portray the
There’s nothing I need to change steps and sing the song. I’m always be the perfect
There’s nothing to rearrange
I’m beautiful and capable of
Being the best me I can
I love my self just the way I am.

5. Review

-So let’s review our past lesson.
-Do you still remember it? -Yes ma'am, One of the Filipino Values.

-Right and what is it class? -Being Hospitable.

-Good, and that is our last topic
For Filipino Values. How can say Filipinos are hospitable?

-We are known to even say share not only our meals
But our entire home to our guest.

Thank you for your answer, What else?

-We are quick to offer our food, or drink to anyone; we cannot enjoy our food and drink if we do not share them first.

- We do not feel well when we are eating and somebody in the table isn't.

- We are known for throwing parties and serve delicious foods in abundance, and would insist on visitors to eat some more. 

- After the party is over, we are known to pack up "to-go" boxes for our...
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