Detailed Lesson Plan

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Through an in depth discussion of the poem and the given activities, the students should be able to: a. generalize the meaning of the poem through recitation;
b. willingly share their output regarding the virtues found in the poem; and c. follow a tune being taught and execute actions properly

A. Subject Matter
Poem: If

B. Reference
Josefina Payawal-Gabriel Ph.D.a
Edda Manikan Martires Copyright (2008) English III (New Edition). Quezon City: St. Bernadette Publishing House Corporation

C. Materials
Manila paper
Power point presentation
Spider web
Work sheet

D. Key Concepts
If everyone could forget their losses and look at the future with hope; success will come. If everyone would live in God’s purpose, their life would have sense.

E. Skills
Reading between the lines.
Recognizing main ideas.

F. Value
Sometimes in doing the right thing, we have to be strong; and give up the things we want even our dreams.

A. Preparation


1. Post the manila paper with the song “What If” written on it What If
What if the world is flat?
Would you still say love makes the world go round?
What if it’s always dark?
Would you hide and not make a sound?
What if I didn’t meet you?
What if I didn’t care?
Would we still be friends like this with the love we share? (2x)

2. Instruct the students to listen to you while you sing it so that they will be able to learn its tune.

3. Sing it with them for three times. Then tell them to stand and follow the actions of the song.

4. Sing it with the actions that you taught them.

B. Presentation
1. Show them the power point presentation having the poem “If.”

If Summary
The poem entitled If is about living one’s life in a way that will make him a better person. It is grabbing every moment possible so that he will be able to give meaning to his own purpose or the mission that God gave him.

2. Read the poem yourself first then tell them to follow with their eyes and try to take note on the words which are unclear to them.

3. Read the poem aloud together with the students for the second reading.

4. Each row will give the words that they were not able to understand. Triumph Disaster
Knaves Stoop

5. Then call for the other rows to give meaning to the words using context clues.

Triumph Happiness or joy about success.

Disaster Somebody or something unsuccessful.

Knaves Dishonest and deceitful people.

Stoop Bent downward.

Heap A large amount of something.

6. Process their answers by connecting it to the real/correct meaning of the word being unlocked.

7. Call for volunteers to come in front and type some sample sentences using the unlocked words.

There is triumph in every victory.
Disaster comes when we are not careful in the things we do.
Knaves are like devils in disguise.
The stoop buildings are under surveillance.
He gave me a heap of encouragements.

8. Divide the class into eight. Then assign a stanza for each group. Give a cut out of or a part of the spider web and tell them to write the desirable traits which are referred to in each stanza.

9. After their group discussion, post the cut out on the board then call for each group to talk about their output.

10. Ask them the following questions:

Who is the speaker in the poem?
Why does the poet advice us not to make dreams our master?
Because we might do wrong things for us to be able to reach our dreams. What does “one heap of all your winnings” mean?
It means looking at all your success and not minding your failures.

C. Generalization

Call for a volunteer to conclude the meaning of the poem and give a principle out of it. The poem is about taking...
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