Detailed explanation of how other businesses support the retail sector P2

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How Other Businesses Support the Retail Sector
There are many different businesses that help in the retail sector to keep the business going and running efficiently and without these businesses it would be extremely hard if not impossible to get a business off the ground or even keep one running. Opening a sports shop in Manchester

To begin with we need a place for all the money to go so that we can keep track of incoming and outgoing money so we need a business account with a bank. A bank is a business that provides a place for you to hold your money securely and also providing a way to track and manage your money and accounts making it easier for you to manage your taxes sales and expenditures and having an account you need someone to manage these for you so you would need an accountant there are businesses that can provide you with an accountant or accountants that will work for you they manage your accounts balancing your sales, expenditures and your taxes giving you more time to work on other areas of the business. A lot of business is now done on computers or if it’s a shop on tills so this requires a place for you to get your computers, tills or other hardware needed to run the store being a sports shop we will be using tills for the sales of products, computers for managing accounts and emailing, printers for making bank notes, receipts and bills and telephones for making calls to make sales and orders so we will need a phone company to provide us with a phone line and an account with them for phone usage, an internet provider to give us an internet connection so that we can send e-mails, check accounts online, make a website to advertise and even sell our goods on which will require a web designer who will make the website and manage it for us. We also need electronics stores that could sell us the computers, telephones and printers. Tills are a specialist item to buy so you will need to find a company that will provide and perform the necessary...
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