Topics: World War II, English-language films, New York City Pages: 3 (438 words) Published: April 21, 2015

A new Recruit, Trevor or T. was added to the Wormsley Common Gang He becomes the new leader
Old Misery, home owner of the only standing house, gives the boys a tour of the house T. tells the boys his plan to sneak in and destroy the house Start demolishing the house from the inside out
Old misery comes home early
Boys trap him in the loo so they can finish up their demolishing Feed Old Misery and give him blankets
T fades away from the story
Old Misery starts crying
Man hears but ignores and drives his house
The house is attached to the car, bringing the house down
Man saves Old misery

Post world war II (1950s) in London on Eve of August Bank Holiday

Brought down to lower class because of the war
New recruit
Has a brooding silence
Grey eyes
Father – an artchitect
Mother – snob
Wants to get rid of his past
Disappears in the fabric of the story because he completes his goal

Previous leader of the gang
Not jealous but wants to keep the group intact

Gang member
Easily surprised and gullible

Called by his last name
A follower
Is easily talked into things

Old Misery
Owner of the house that’s still standing

POV: limited omniscient

External: T. vs. House
T wants to take the house down
Bothers him because it stands like “a jagged tooth”
The house doesn’t fit in with his ideal image of society
The house resists to breakdown – survived the bombs, the boys have a hard time ripping and tearing, they had to use machinery to destroy it House finally comes apart (resolution)

Star on the loo:
WWII, jews were marked with stars symbolizing as victims
Old Misery trapped in loo- victimized by the boys
T represents Hitler from the war
Hitler rose to pwer quickly- trevor became the new leader in the summer T and Hitler both try to create their own ideal society by removing what doesn’t fit in...
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