Destructive Leadership

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1. Was Jim Blaylock a destructive leader, a competent manager, taskmaster, figurehead, or a cheerleader? What data would you use to make this determination?
Jim was a destructive leader for many reasons. Jim showed little interest towards his team members and created high levels of team conflict. Jim had poor customer service with the brokers. Jim’s behavior was unacceptable and made promises that never kept. In addition, Jim blamed others for his own actions and failures which is very common from a destructive leader. Jim destroyed Anthum’s team after not showing interest in listening their frustrations with the company, over 60 people team only 1 one was left with Anthum. Destructive leaders harm the organization in different ways and doesn’t accomplish the organization’s goals just like Jim did with Anthum’s sales that went down.
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If Jim was an incompetent manager, what do you think were the under-lying root causes of his incompetence?
The underlying causes of Jim’s incompetence is that he does not show interest on team build and cannot get results through others. Jim’s behavior make him to have a difficult time building teams. Jim made his team to work long hours, which is a characteristic of incompetent manager, good managers’ work effectively. Incompetent managers cannot manage themselves and their time.
3. Why do
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I will ask if he has any reasons for his attitude. I will clearly explain to Jim the rules and values of the company. I will review with Jim the mission and vision of the company, and how important is for the company that he works closely to engage others to meet the goals and expectation of the company. I will require Jim to work harder, to change his attitude, to follow the corporate culture, to increase sales revenue, and to ask me for help if he need it. If Jim does not change after few months, his position will be replaced by someone

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