Destroying Our Younger Generation s Health and Social Skills

Topics: Childhood obesity, Obesity, Nutrition Pages: 7 (1403 words) Published: February 23, 2015

Technology: Destroying Our Younger Generation’s Health and Social Skills Carla Gray
Ivy Tech Community College

Technology: Destroying Our Younger Generation’s Health and Social Skills According to U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “An estimated 12.5 million children between the ages of 2 to 19 are obese” (Loop, 2013). This young generation’s obesity and their social skills has become a major issue in the United States. With the variety of technologies and all of its advancements, technology the main cause of obesity and poor social skills. It is common for this younger generation these days to own a cell phone, have a TV in their room, a computer, and a video game console. If no action is taken to get this younger generation up and moving and playing outdoors then the number of obese children with poor social skills. The older generation used to go outside, and play from sun up to sun down. Also, the older generation used to run, bike ride, and play hide and seek, along with all kinds of fun sports to stay active. Years ago it was unheard of that a child or a teen would even have a television in their bedroom. In the 70s and through most of the 80s, the game systems in people’s homes was a game called “Pong” or a game system called “Atari,” and it was kept in the living room, and the chances are it would collect dust between uses. Being allowed to even play a video games was a great privilege, and it only lasted an hour in most homes. Technology has even affected other healthy childhood activities. The younger generation now depends on technology for the majority of their play, limiting the challenges to their creativity and imaginations, as well as limiting the necessary challenges to their bodies to achieve the ideal physical and motor development. For instance, in today’s world the skateboards and scooters are motorized, and even the Big Wheel has been replaced by a battery-operated Power Wheel. To some extent, it makes perfect sense, the younger generation is sitting on a couch for six hours and pressing buttons-that does not burn a whole lot of calories. In today’s technology driven world the younger generation seems to live on technology. The television has become a constant companion, replacing outside play. In the rush of today’s world, some parents start off training their children by using a television as a babysitter to keep them quiet. Many times the habit becomes a routine and is a natural way of life. So as this young generation gets older, and starts to have children, the pattern has a greater risk to continue onto another generation. What if all of the technology was wiped out? Would the younger generation know how to survive? The younger generation would have a hard time finding food, or even building shelter, which is a simple basic, survival skill that most of them have never been shown. Something as simple as making a fire to stay warm, without having lighters or matches, would be hard for them to do because they would not be able to use an app to do it. The negative effects of technology are caused mainly by the urge to withdraw from social interaction, even withdrawal from society in general, and a lack of exercise – even vitamins are absent as a result of from lack of sunshine. The social networking websites give the younger generation a feeling of acceptance. Some parents, or caregivers, and schools are worried that the activity removes children or teens from the stress of face-to-face interactions, causing them to disengage from real-life conversations. Most of the younger generation does not know how to meet their significant other without technology. They mainly only use a dating website, instead of face-to-face interactions. The younger generation uses social networks, like Facebook, to cyberbully classmates, including starting rumors, sending inappropriate pictures of someone else, and sending instant messages that are cruel....

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