Destroying Avalon

Topics: Adolescence, Character, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Destroying Avalon is a dark and absorbing novel set in Australia. It’s based on real life problems that are becoming frighteningly common in schools these days. It is a gripping and detailed story of cyber bullying, suicide and the hardships that are faced during the teen years. It’s very informative and helpful about signs of cyber bullying and how to deal with or avoid it and it takes you on a journey through the consequences faced by not only the bullies and their victims but also the people around them. When the main character, a teen named Avalon, has to move to the big city, she's excited about the new opportunities she'll have with the change in schools. Never one to have trouble making friends, Avalon is certain she'll fit in somewhere. The first day of school, she catches the negative attention of Alice, the leader of the pack of popular girls, and her world quickly comes crashing down. McCaffrey was on a mission in writing this. Her book has been described as an easy-to-digest and heartbreaking textbook on cyber bullying. It grabs your attention from the moment you pick it up and maintains it right until the end. While reading this you really sense the misery experienced by the main character. Each character is cleverly used to tell a story and not a single one of them are the same. Avalon and the other characters are realistic and their conversations and behaviours are in keeping with those of typical teenagers without being ridiculously stereotypical. The language is a bit shocking but it goes with the topic and it’s also day to day teen vocabulary. McCaffery wrote this book extremely well in a way that keeps you interested and wanting to know more. It is a book that deals with very troublesome and serious issues but it’s most definitely not a boring read. Destroying Avalon gives you an insight into the notions of cyber bullying and serves as a warning to those out there that think such acts are acceptable. This book deserves to be in every teenage...
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