Destination Marketing for the Development of Tourism Industry

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Destination Marketing for the Development of Tourism Industry VINOD N. KALANNAVAR
Sharnbasveshwar College of M.T.A.
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This paper attempt to put an insight of destination marketing concept which is been developed based on the tourist destination. In the present competitive world of Tourism Industry all are expecting the quality of services in the destination. So entities which are involved in this regard need to have an open approach which has to be executed with the due consideration of the various stakeholders and the various other aspects which will be necessary for the destination marketing like destination market development - identifying target markets, analyzing motivational, factors of target visitor markets, developing a marketing plan with promotional goals, developing an advertising, campaign with a well-focused theme aimed at target markets, developing a media and public relations strategy, funding a marketing plan adequately, evaluating the effectiveness of a marketing plan and role of destination marketing and promotion organizations etc. This implementation is necessary in the present scenario as it has to deal with human aspect. When we train the human resources with motivational way it is going to bring the most efficient manpower to handle the different situation. As we know that the tourism industry comes under the service segment we need to have the sufficient and efficient manpower to manage the destination. This paper put light on the scope and need of the requirement for the adaptation of a specific technique that is Destination Marketing and its uses for the development of Tourism Industry. Defining a Tourism Destination

1.1.1 Introduction
A local tourism destination is a physical space in which a tourist spends at least one overnight. It includes tourism products such as support services and attractions and tourist resources within one day’s return travel time. It has physical and administrative boundaries defining its management, and images and perceptions defining its market competitiveness. Local destinations incorporate various stakeholders often including a host community, and can nest and network to form larger destinations. Destinations could be on any scale, from a whole country (e.g. Australia), a region (such as the Spanish ‘Costas’) or island (e.g. Bali), to a village, town or city, or a self-contained centre (e.g. Center Park or Disneyland). This document is intended to be useful to destination managers within this range of scales: that said the optimum level for destination management in most countries is below the national level. This session discusses destination marketing and its role in the visitor decision-making process. A destination can be a specific country, state or province, city, or a resort area. The visitor may apply various terms to define a destination whether it refers to one geographic area or a combination of several geographic areas. Regardless of how the term is applied, it is the consumer or visitor who defines a destination. From the perspective of the visitor or consumer, a destination is perceived as having appealing attributes, features, attractions, and services that would encourage the potential visitor to choose a destination for a leisure or vacation trip or other travel purposes. The development of a destination marketing plan is usually the responsibility of a government tourism marketing and promotion organization and is based on a careful analysis of competition and market trends. Destination Market Development

The process of destination marketing development involves a number of important steps which include the following: Identifying target markets
Analyzing motivational factors of target visitor markets
Developing a marketing plan with promotional goals
Developing an advertising campaign with a well-focused theme aimed at target markets...
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